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The Nertera granadensis is a plant to remember. We are proud to grow this lovely, decorative house plant for many years now. It is also known as a coral moss plant. It brightens up every house or garden with its cheerful orange, yellow and white colours.

Nertera is an ornamental plant originating from New Zealand, Eastern Australia, Southeast Asia and South America. The name Nertera is derived from the Greek word 'nerteros' which means lowest or low plant.

Nertera Natural is the only worldwide producer of Nertera Granadensis Astrid® (this is its own species, obtained through selection). Cultivation of the plant to produce berries is a unique process. We grow these special little plants in different colours and pot sizes.



Our mission is to highlight the unique Nertera granadensis plants.

At Nertera Natural you can be assured that we put our heart and soul into bringing you quality products.

All our plants are grown with great care and attention for quality and with respect for nature.